A Complete Guide to Car Modification and Accessories

After getting a car, the temptation to modify and change the car parts is irresistible because we all see modified vehicles all the time. From new tires to new seat covers and new lights, there are so many ways to modify and improve your car’s aesthetics and performance. There are endless possibilities for car modification in Lahore or any city where you live. Some modifications help improve the performance, some help in improving the fuel mileage and some help in better looks. It depends on you if you want to modify for safety or just for fun. There are many shops providing car modification accessories in Pakistan. You can pick and choose and get an expert’s help if needed.

But before you choose the car modification accessories in Pakistan, make sure you read this guide that will help you in understanding the car modifications in detail.

Types Of Car Modifications

When it comes to investing in car modification accessories in Pakistan, it is important to understand the types of modifications. There are three basic categories.

Performance Modification

As the term suggests, the performance modifications are made to improve the handling, fuel efficiency, power and strength of the car. Have a look at some of the mostly done performance modifications done for vehicles to improve their power.

1. Brakes upgrade

2. Transmission upgrade

3. Supercharging the engine

4. Suspension upgrades

5. Free flow exhaust system

6. Air filter change

Functional Modification

These additions do not help in performance but help in better functioning of the vehicle. You can get many types of functional modification accessories from online stores like Shaharyar Traders in Pakistan and choose accessories that you want to add. Have a look at some of the functional modifications:

1. Air conditioning

2. Car phone

3. Navigation system

4. Parking sensors

5. New car lights

6. Roof racks

7. Hand controls

Cosmetic Modification

All the changes that are done to improve the looks of the vehicle come under the cosmetic or aesthetic modifications. A new paint job, new seat covers, better lights, tire stickers, steering covers, etc come under the cosmetic modification category. You can get all these accessories from any good online store easily even in Pakistan. Check out some of the most popular cosmetic modifications accessories people love.

1. Front and rear bumpers

2. Rooftop vents

3. Paint jobs

4. Under body neon lights

5. Tinted windscreens

6. Back bumper reflector lights

7. Wooden dashboard

So these are the types of modifications you can do with your car. If picked carefully, these car modification accessories can enhance the overall appearance and performance of your car. Get quality medication accessories from reputable stores and ask experts if you want any help. It’s better to research before you change anything in your car because sometimes after a modification, you cannot go back so pick wisely. Keep your budget in your mind, and don’t spend a lot on modification accessories because trends change and if something is popular right now, it may not be popular after a year so make sure you weigh all the factors before investing your money.

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